Beware of Rattlesnakes




That’s about what we thought when we pulled up to the petrified forest on Day 2 of my Napa extravaganza.

We hadn’t really thought about the fact that this was a forest we were about to walk in to…much less that it was considered a hike.

We didn’t really dress the part..


1 Please note my romper and Coach bag and Jill’s Longchamp bag and Louis Vuitton wrap.

Good job girls.

Either way, the forest was actually a lot of fun and it turned out our attire didn’t matter all that much.

For those of you who are interested, you can read all about the Petrified Forest here. We were expecting it to be a little more Harry Potterish (think old and creepy. We shoulda gone at night).  It was also a little too cool for us Floridians. Note to self: next time, bring more jeans.

They weren’t kidding when they said these things were huge…

Oh look…a cave. That’s not creepy.

Jill: “I was going to make you go first.”

Basically they are digging a tunnel to the end of the tree trying to get it all out from underground. It.Was.HUGE.

Apparently all you really need to know.

From far away this thing was creepy as shit.

At this point we planned on heading back to the downtown Napa area for lunch/shopping.

But then we passed this:


I mean…how many of you would pass a castle and NOT stop.
I’d like to see a show of hands.
Yeah, that’s what I thought.

The craziest thing about this place?
It had 3…not 1, but 3 wines that I didn’t hate!

Jill: “Oh my god you didn’t make a face!”

Before that, it had been:
Jill: “I think I could watch you try wine all day. Your face is priceless!”

I’m not exactly good at hiding my disgust apparently.


The next day I got my happy ass on a plane and came back to the heat and humidity. I was VERY jealous of Jill getting to stay and extra week.

Or maybe not.

Turns out, her sister gave birth to the first grandchild and Jill ended up cutting her trip short to come home on Tuesday morning.

So maybe I’m not so jealous :-).

Except for the fact that instead of working she’s holding an adorable baby boy…there’s the jealousy….


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Still not a wineo

Depressing, I know.

I’m pretty sure all the wineries wanted to have me convicted.

But before we get into the difficulties of the day, lets take a look at the shack that we have to stay in.

napa day 1 004 napa day 1 001 napa day 1 002 napa day 1 003

Such a crap hole, right?? I mean, IDK how we are going to deal with another 48 hours of this 😉

ANYWAY, back to the day.

Wine just is not going to happen for me. I striked out everywhere.
But I was ok with that because it just meant that Jilly got to enjoy it all with a DD!

We started the day at Ox Bow Market.

napa day 1 015 napa day 1 005 napa day 1 006

After looking at WAY too much good looking food, we decided to have a little bite to eat before all the alcohol. At this point we’d been up for a little over 3 hours and something told us that the fruit we had at 6something wasn’t going to absorb it all.

   napa day 1 009 napa day 1 010
Two arepas to share.

napa day 1 011
The Pabellon: beef, sweet plantains, black beans and queso fresco.
I was pretty disappointed in this. It sounded amazing but I’ve just had too much GOOD Paellon. The arepa was too hard and the plantain tasted like it was cooked yesterday and just microwaved. Two thumbs down.

 napa day 1 012
The Pernil: Pulled pork with tomato, quac and aioli on the side. AMAZING. I had  very low expectations for this one but it blew my mind. The quac was so fresh and the aioli…omg. GREAT way to start the day!

 napa day 1 013
I thought Californians were supposed to have good style…


And then, on to the vineyards.

There’s not much I can say about these places. I didn’t like the wine and the beauty pretty much speaks for itself. So for once I’m going to shut my mouth and let you enjoy the view.

 napa day 1 018 napa day 1 019 napa day 1 021 napa day 1 022 napa day 1 023 napa day 1 024 napa day 1 025 napa day 1 026 napa day 1 034 napa day 1 035 napa day 1 038 napa day 1 039napa day 1 040  napa day 1 041 napa day 1 044  napa day 1 045



And of course, per usual with me, plenty of food was involved.

 napa day 1 029 napa day 1 030 napa day 1 031 napa day 1 032 napa day 1 033

The bakery had a line OUT THE DOOR. It was insane. Apparently it’s owned by a decently famous dude…Thomas Keller. Maybe you’ve heard of him? We’re going to his restuarnt tonight….at 9:15. That’s 12:15 for you FL people.

So CLEARLY it’s been a pretty rough day.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed to a spa appointment.

I know, the torture just never ends.


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*Part 4 in the “Hatch is Back” series

Yes, the series is still alive and well. A lot of shit happened in my time away and a few posts back, I realized I never got around to telling you about my staycation.

For those of you who know me or my blog, you already know about G.

Pictures 761

But for  those of you who don’t, I’ll give you the watered down version that so many of you have heard a million times.

Went to Vegas. Met a guy in Vegas. Now dating a guy I met in Vegas.
Side note: he lives in Montana. That’s probably important.

So back in early April (yeah yeah more than 3 months ago…shut it) I took a week off of work to show G around my little town of Orlando.

Thanks to my awesome friend that works at the Amway center, I was able to score some super cheap ticket to a Magic game. Pretty sure this was his favorite part of the trip.

 Pictures 825Pictures 824Pictures 830
Shout out to my peeps Shannon and Armand for spending 1/2 time with us! My “that was fun, we should do it again” is probably waaay overdue.

And of course, you can’t go to a Magic game without checking out the Sky bar.

Pictures 828Pictures 827
*barf* get a room people

Afterwards we had dinner at a local bar and then walked ourselves down to Corona. Possibly my favorite bar in Orlando.Pictures 831

Pictures 834
That’s when Stevie entered. Everyone say Hiiii Stevie!!

Pictures 835       

Pictures 836


Day 2 was the best day of the week. HARRY POTTER WORLD!! It’s depressing how many photos I DONT have.

4th of July 034

 Pictures 837 
*dum dum, dum dum dum, dum dum, dum*

4th of July 035
My daddy has one of those. Don’t judge.

Pictures 841    4th of July 049

4th of July 053
So.many.people. We actually had to get a number to get a number to get in and come back later. Kind of annoying but probably worked in our favor.

4th of July 054 4th of July 058
I may or may not have (but definitely did) buy a crap ton of candy here.

4th of July 060
The Leaky Cauldron. I had 2 cups of butter beer. It’s like a liquid butterscotch

4th of July 062
The 10 year old in me screamed like the little girl that I am.

4th of July 064
The only decent photo I could get from inside.

I had been there before but I remember being just as excited the 2nd time. The main attraction is a simulator ride in Hogwarts. It’s insane, intense and amazing! I won’t give too much away but if you live in Orlando and haven’t made it over, you 100% should. Completely worth the $ and time spent in line (2 hours. *womp womp*).

The next day was a little rough.

Pictures 854

I may have had a little too much fun during a game of Never have I ever and ended up falling asleep very early. After kicking my 2 girlfriends out of our hotel room and threatening to call my X. I’m such a lovely person, aren’t I? So after an afternoon of sitting around NOT going to the beach as originally planned, we drug ourselves down to Winter Park for a few leisure apps and alch’s and had ourselves a chill evening at home.


The next day we FINALLY made it to the beach. It was a beautiful day and felt nice to do nothing more than lay around, read a mag and chat.


That night we headed out to meet my friends at Celt.

 Pictures 848 
I know what you’re thinking…but they really don’t just let ANYONE back there. I was kicked out around the time I said “Open bar:”

Pictures 850 Pictures 851

Yes, I do have a lot of Asian friends.

 Pictures 853

Eventually I kind of ran out of things for us to do. Originally G was only going to be in town from Monday – Friday but ended up deciding to extend his trip through the following Monday morning. It was a welcome surprise BUT left me unplanned and unprepared. Not my favorite feeling in the world.

But we made do.

MontanaInFlVaca 041 MontanaInFlVaca 030
Oh hello ladies…
MontanaInFlVaca 031   MontanaInFlVaca 033

And as if we didn’t do enough…socializing….while he was here, I introduced him to the beauty that is Sunday Funday on his last day.MontanaInFlVaca 044
Why yes that is a Baileys and diet thank you. No judgment from the peanut gallery. 

MontanaInFlVaca 042
Please take note at who has the frilly drink in front of them. Just sayin…

MontanaInFlVaca 043
One week in Orlando and look WTF happens

So what will I do differently the next time he visits (in just over a month)?

More of MY Orlando and less of tourist Orlando.

I LOVED Harry Potter World but I don’t go there for the hell of it. And I can’t remember the last time I went to Cocoa Beach. And we have so many amazing restaurants that we could have visited….Dessert Lady, hellooo?!?!

I don’t want to give too much away as to what I have planned for the Labor Day weekend but sufficient to say, I have in fact already written out our weekend.

What can I say? I’m a planner.


MEANWHILE, I wrote much of this while on a plane to Atlanta.


As you may remember, I was headed to Cali yesterday (holler from Napa!!) to celebrate (IDK) my bff Jill and her FINALLY being done with law school!

I set my alarm for 2:30am. I woke up at 4:45. I had a 6:10 flight.

When I say I flipped out… I screamed, I paced, I cried, I sped, I ran tolls and I lied my way in to the “expert flier” line. BTW, WTF do I have to do to get in to the expert flier line legitimately? No one said anything to me and it was SO much faster. I may just ride that pony a few more times and see how long it takes before someone explains why I’m not an expert.

Either way, I made it. I was in my PJs with wet hair and no makeup but that was fixed in ATL.


And yes…I did feel super ghetto with my makeup and hair straightener out…but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Diet Coke and 2 “Gourmet” biscotti  were my breakfast and somehow, I was cool till Napa. I think my stress turned off my hunger button.

And now I’m waiting for Jill to get ready so we can head off! For those of you who don’t know, I’m not really a wine person but apparently today is the day that changes. Personally, I’m just looking forward to the cheese.

Lastly, for those of you who are interested, I went to Crossfit class 3 Wed night.

Mother. F’er.

I’ve never seen so much sweat in my life. Much less on me.

3 rounds for time:
     30 wall balls
     30 squat snatches

Took 17:49. But she said we could cut the rounds in 1/2. I started with 30 on the first one and quickly discovered that shit wasn’t happening so the last 2 I did 15. Painful.

Yet, strangely addicting…

Alright friends, it’s time for me to head out! If you don’t hear from me again till Monday, you’ll know why.

Napa awaits!

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Crossfit Day 2

Do you see a patern? I promise not to title every day that I go to Crossfit as a Day 1, Day 2, Day 1 Million post.


But that is the BIG thing I did today. I was a little nervous showing up for my first “real” class. What if it was 10 thousand times harder than the intro class?? What if I was expected to do 3 of those 7 min intervals? Kill me.

Luckily (if thats the word you want to use), it was really right in line with what we did on Saturday. I came in and did the warm up which looks like this:

10 over head stretch (lunge form and then stretch your arms up over your head)
10 squats
10 back extensions
10 push ups (I did the chica version – on your knees)
10 sit ups
10 pull ups  (I did the ring pull ups)

3 rounds took about 10 minutes.

I did this right along with my good friend Heather! (Hi Heather!!) Imagine my surprise when I walked in to class and saw her standing there. I had no idea! In fact, I saw a few girls that I knew in the class before me as well. How did I not know about this fad before now??

Anyway, I digress.

Afterwards, we went to the bar to find our max press. Mine was a measly 43. I was actually kind of surprised/upset with that one. I really thought that after the past year and 1/2 of weight training, I’d be a little stronger. Oh well, that’s why I’m doing this right?

Then came the workout. After the coach explained and showed us how to do everything, we went at it.

7 rounds of:
3 thrusts with a 25lb bar (basically a squat with a weight bar that you thrust over your head on the way up)
6 pull ups (yes, I did the jump up)
9 box jumps on a 15inch box(literally jumping up on a box)

I did it all in 8:26. It was the longest 8:26 of my life.

This better be worth it.

Afterwards I made sure I wasn’t going to pass out and then drove myself home for some Kale chips and chicken.

If you read any cooking or health blog that worth it’s Live Writer, you’re probably completely aware of the amazingness that’s Kale chips. But please let me be the next to tell you just how fabulous these things are.

Not to mention easy. Kale, olive oil, salt, 10-15 min at 350 degrees. Done.

I could eat these things all day.

And just so this post doesn’t JUST have a green veggie pic, please enjoy the below.

“Iz drnk”

What can I say? Like mother like dog.


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Crossfit Day 1

I’ve recently been on the hunt for a new workout. One that won’t let me get bored. One that will give me results. One that will give me a challenge.

I looked in to a few different gyms and trainers but nothing really stuck out to me.

Then I ran into a friend who had recently (and by recently I mean probably 6 months ago) started Crossfit.


He’s never been a FAT guy. Maybe a little pudgy. Beer gut. We do live within walking distance to bars people.

But now? RIPPED. Forget 6 pack. The man has an 8 pack.

He did warn me that it’s not your typical workout. He said it would be hard but scalable.

That’s incredibly accurate.

Actually, he should have said “hard but scalable but still hard.”

Hello Crossfit Orlando.


The trainer had an interesting metaphor. She said to picture myself walking on the edge of a cliff. During the work out, I should be teetering on the edge. Falling off would be throwing up.


I actually like the feeling of “holy crap I have to puke” after a workout. Makes me feel like I got shit done.

Apparently the way Crossfit works is they give you a workout to accomplish and you get it done as fast as you can.

Todays intro work out looked like this:

500m row
40 squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 pull ups

I did it in 7:40.

No. I didn’t do 20 real push ups or 10 real pull ups.

Here’s where the scaling comes in.

For the push ups I did the bitch push ups on my knees. Still hurt. Like.a.bitch.

And for the pull ups they had us do jump pull ups which weren’t bad. Crossfit actually promotes a swing push up that looks something like the first few seconds of  this video:  

It was definitely intense but definitely something that I plan on doing again. I can’t wait to see how it works out.

Food today was basically centered around “what do I have in the fridge?”

I’m a little broke right now and next weekend is San Fran so I wasn’t interested in paying $$ for food.

After Crossfit I wasn’t starving but given my moment of “omg I’m going to pass out”, I knew I needed something. I finished up my carrots with some organic PB and a side of grapes. I was actually surprised that I enjoyed the carrots and PB. The idea freaked me out at first but the sweet and salty combo was actually pretty tasty.

Lunch came around 2pm when I took a break from moving. By that time, I was STARVING.
I know this doesn’t look like much. And maybe my stomach was still full from Dessert Lady last night  but either way, my ham and lettuce wraps with pickles completely hit the spot.

Dinner was tiny. And sweet.
A banana with fig preserves, raisins and chai seeds. And more grapes.

I promise I’m not starving myself. I’m actually eating some Greek yogurt with peanut butter, raisins, chai seeds and granola.

This is just the crap I have in the fridge.

Clearly tomorrow is a Publix day.

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What kind of a blogger am I?

When I started this blog, it was to be all about my new found love of eating well and working out.

I still like working out and I’m still eating well but I’m no Meals & Miles.

Then I thought maybe I’d try to branch into a foodie blog. I do like to cook. Problem is I’ve been known to cause some food poisoning here and there. And I don’t have the creativity or food knowledge to be able to come up with my own things like My Life as a Mrs.

Fashion could be fun. But put me in Ross or TJ Maxx for more than 5 seconds and I get hives. I can’t handle all the clutter. I feel the same way about Forever 21 and H&M.
You’d basically see J.Crew, Banana and Express listed daily. How does PB Fingers do it??

Truth of the matter is that I feel like I have a lot of interests but nothing that I’m so good at that it warrants me dedicating an entire venue to it. And honestly this is more my place to be able to write and document things I want to remember.

But I do feel I should have some sort of a theme.

I do enjoy talking about my ever changing hair styles…

11 1

1 1 1

1 1 1
(And that’s only in the last 8 years….busy girl I’ve been)


Or my dating escapades…






Or my puppy…

labor day 009

He is a super cute topic of discussion 🙂


Or my random escapades…


But do all of these things equate into interesting reading?

And if so, what’s the theme? Lifestyle?

Maybe I could turn it into a “How to”

“How to go from a blonde to a brunette with the help of a box”

“How to date every available man in your city”

“How to meet a decent man in Sin City”

“How to never effectively potty train your adorable puppy”

Something tells me no one would take my advice.

I guess for now I’ll just label my blog as personal and keep on trucking. Maybe over the weeks/months/years, the theme will take care of itself.

If not, I’ll just consider it eclectic.

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I want another…

I know, I know. Having more than one puppy is hard. And expensive. And time consuming.

But come on…

Cash & Harlow 


After living with Levi and Cash for almost a week now, I must admit, I’m hooked. They are just as happy to see me come home everyday as Harlow is and when their mommy isn’t around, they like to spend time with their new roomies.

Mainly on my bed…


I would, however, need a better leash system. I get tied up in the 3 pretty easily. And it’s not pretty.


I’ve always said that if I lived alone I’d get another pup. I think little Harlow would appreciate the buddy. I’m convinced of that more than ever now as he tends to sit by the door and whine when they go out and he’s left behind.

The only question has been “what kind” of puppy do I want?

I’ve had a few thoughts…







And some others. But can you tell I like the hybrids? Funny that my pup is as doxie as they come.

The moral of this story is that I never considered the King Charles.

But after living with these guys…

Levi on the chair, Cash in the front

…..I may have a new breed to consider :-).


On another note, 6 weeks exactly till G comes to visit again (I should really get on that first Orlando trip recap) and as of tomorrow, a week till San Fran!!

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